Academic Appointments

Associate Professor, Institute of Public Health, Florida A&M University, 2018-

Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina, 2015-17

Associate Member, Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina, 2015-17

Associate Professor (tenured), Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Georgia Southern University, 2014-15

Assistant Professor, Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Georgia Southern University, 2009-14

Adjunct Member, Georgia Cancer Center, Augusta University, 2014-15

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Applied Anthropology, University of South Florida, 2007

Adjunct Faculty, College of Public Health, University of South Florida, 2006


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Health Outcomes & Behavior, Moffitt Cancer Center, 2006-09

PhD, Applied Anthropology, 2006

MPH, Epidemiology, 2004

Graduate Certificate, Social Marketing, 2010

MA, Social Anthropology, 2000

MA, Cultural Anthropology, 1997

BA, Cultural Anthropology, 1992, honors

Research Expertise

Latino immigrant and migrant health, community-based participatory research/CBPR, cancer prevention and control, health disparities, lay health advisors, medical anthropology theory and methods, social marketing, global health

Research Grants

“Pilot Study of Mobile App Monitoring to Prevent Heat-Related Symptoms among Hispanic Farmworkers” (Luque, PI), NIOSH pilot project, 2017-2018.

“Community-based Research to Improve Prostate Cancer Patient Treatment Decisions” (Ross, PI; Luque, Peer Mentor), National Cancer Institute, 2013-16

“Implementation Evaluation of a Cervical Cancer Screening Initiative in Cusco, Peru” (Luque, PI), National Cancer Institute, 2012-15

“Salud es Vida: Reducing Access Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening Among Underserved Hispanic Women” (Luque, PI), National Cancer Institute and Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research, 2012-15

“Barbers Against Prostate Cancer” (Luque, PI), National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, Research Sub-project with P20 Exploratory Centers of Excellence Grant, 2012-17

“Georgia CaRes” (Ghamande, PI; Luque, subcontract Co-I), National Cancer Institute, 2014-19

“Cervical Cancer Beliefs in Ethnic Subgroups of Latina Immigrants” (Luque, PI), National Cancer Institute, 2008-11

Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research, National Cancer Institute, salary support, 2008-09

“Barbers Against Prostate Cancer” (Luque, Project Leader; Meade, PI), National Cancer Institute, 2007-08

Honors, Awards, Fellowships

Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarly Activity, Georgia Southern University, 2013-14

Award for Service, JP Hsu College of Public Health, 2012-13

Award for Scholarship, JP Hsu College of Public Health, 2011-12

American Association for Cancer Research, Minority Scholar in Cancer Research Award, 2010

Fellow, Advanced Training Institute in Health Behavior Theory, National Cancer Institute, 2010

Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology, 2010

American Association for Cancer Research, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Scholar-in-Training Award, 2009

Outstanding Research Award Oral Presentation, Moffitt Cancer Center Fellows’ Education Research Symposium, 2009

NIH Health Disparities Loan Repayment Program, 2007-09

USF Hispanic Heritage Award, Alumni Recipient, 2007

Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship, 2004

USF Latino Graduate Fellowship, 2000-04


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Luque, J; Logan, A; Soulen, G; Armeson, K; Garrett, D; Davila, C; Ford, M. (2018) Systematic Review of Mammography Screening Educational Interventions for Hispanic Women in the United States. Journal of Cancer Education, Epub ahead of print.

Cartmell, K; Young-Pierce, J; McGue, S; Alberg, A; Luque, J; Zubizarreta, M; Brandt, H. (2018) Barriers, Facilitators, and Potential Strategies for Increasing HPV Vaccination: A Statewide Assessment to Inform Action. Papillomavirus Research, 5:21-31.

Malek, A; Luque, J; Garand, K. (2017) Overview of Clinical Research Study Designs using Examples from the Swallowing Literature. Perspectives – Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia), Epub ahead of print.

Luque, J; Tarasenko, Y; Bryant, D; Davila, C; Soulen, G. (2017) An Examination of Sociocultural Factors Associated with Breast Cancer Screening among Latina Immigrants. Hispanic Health Care International, 15(3):113-120.

Luque, J; Tarasenko, Y; Li, H; Davila, C; Knight, N; Alcantar, R. (2017) Utilization of Cervical Cancer Screening among Latina Immigrant Women in Coastal South Carolina. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, Epub ahead of print.

Luque, J; Tarasenko, Y; Reyes-Garcia, C; Alfonso, M; Suazo, N; Rebing, L; Ferris, D. (2017) Salud es Vida: A Cervical Cancer Screening Intervention for Rural Latina Immigrant Women. Journal of Cancer Education, 32(4):690-699.

Luque, J; Maupin, J; Ferris, D; Guevara, W. (2016) Reaching Women in the Peruvian Andes through Cervical Cancer Screening Campaigns: Assessing Attitudes of Stakeholders and Patients. Patient Preference and Adherence, 10:2107-2116.

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Ross, L; Johnson, J; Smallwood, S; Luque, J; Tedders, S; Airhihenbuwa, C; Alford, T; MAN Up; Underwood, W 3rd (2016) Using CBPR to Extend Prostate Cancer Education, Counseling, and Screening Opportunities to Urban Dwelling African-Americans. Journal of Cancer Education, 31(4):702-708.

Luque, J. (2016) The Faces on Our Educational Materials: Real Stories behind the Messages. Journal of Cancer Education, Epub ahead of print.

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Ross, L; Luque, J. (2016) Overview of Cancer Prevention and Control and African-Americans. Journal of Cancer Education, 31(1):184-186.

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Book Chapters

Luque, J; Alfonso, M; Tarasenko, Y. Addressing Obesity and Associated Medical Conditions in Latino Immigrant Communities in Southeast Georgia (2015). In The Applied Anthropology of Obesity: Prevention, Intervention and Identity, Chad T. Morris and Alexandra G. Lancey, eds. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, pp. 91-106.

Invited Presentations

Webinar Presenter, “Cervical Cancer Screening and HPV Vaccine: Outreach Strategies for Latina Women” (July, 2017), Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)

“Mixed Methods Study of Barriers and Facilitators to Healthcare Utilization among Latina Immigrant Women” (June, 2017), Disparities Research and Methods (DREAM) Seminar, Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina

“HPV Vaccine Research Among Providers and Hispanic Immigrants” (June, 2017), 23rd Annual Clinical Network Retreat, South Carolina Primary Care Association

“Survey of Latina Immigrant Women on Recency of Cervical Cancer Screening in the Lowcountry” (November, 2016), SCTR Scientific Retreat on Health Disparities Related Research, Medical University of South Carolina

Salud es Vida: A Group-based Cervical Cancer Education Promotora Program” (January, 2016), workshop presented at the 2nd Cervical Cancer Free South Carolina Conference, Greenville, SC

“Hispanic Heritage Month” Lecturer, (September, 2016), College of Health Professionals Student Diversity Leadership Council, Medical University of South Carolina

“Hispanic Heritage Month: Focus on Hispanic Health Disparities, (September, 2015), Alliance for Hispanic Health, Medical University of South Carolina

“Research in Progress – Cervical Cancer Promotora Intervention for Latina Women in Southeast Georgia” (September, 2015), Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina

Implementing a Cervical Cancer Education Program for Hispanic Women in Southeast Georgia” (September, 2014), presented at the JPHCOPH/School of Nursing Seminar Series, Georgia Southern University

“Using Systematic Elicitation Techniques in Cancer Education Research” (February, 2010), presented at JP Hsu College of Public Health Research Seminar Series, Georgia Southern University

“Understanding Cancer Health Disparities through an Anthropological Lens,” NIH CRCHD Professional Development Workshop (April, 2010), Bethesda, MD.

“Barbers Against Prostate Cancer: Feasibility of a Barber-Administered Educational Intervention for African American Men,” NIH CRCHD Community Networks Program Annual Meeting (July, 2009), Bethesda, MD.

Conference Abstracts

Dr. Luque frequently presents at public health, cancer education, and anthropology conferences. He has over 80 peer-reviewed presentations at society annual meetings.


Service (University)

MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, Cancer Control

  • Leader, Cancer Control Program Journal Club, 2015-2017

MUSC Department of Public Health Sciences

  • Co-Director, DPHS Seminar Series, 2015-2017
  • Member, Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2015-
  • Member, Division of Health Behavior & Health Promotion MPH Committee, 2015-

Medical University of South Carolina

  • Faculty Advisor, Alliance for Hispanic Health, 2015-

Service (Professional)

Grant Reviewer, NIH Nursing and Related Clinical Sciences II Special Emphasis Panel, 2017

AAA/SMA Program Co-Chair, AAA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 2017

Grant Reviewer, NIOSH Agricultural Research Centers Special Emphasis Panel, 2016

SfAA/SMA Program Co-Chair, SfAA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, CA, 2015-16

Member, Cervical Cancer Free South Carolina Conference Planning Committee, 2015-16

Grant Reviewer, NIH Special Emphasis Panel, Mobile Health: Technology and Outcomes in Low and Middle Income Countries, 2015

Executive Board Member, Society for Medical Anthropology 2014-17

  • Chair, Membership Committee, 2015-17
  • Chair, Global Directory Committee, 2014-16

International Planning Committee and Abstract Reviewer, International Cancer Education Conference, 2014

Grant Reviewer, NIOSH Special Emphasis Panel, 2014

Grant Reviewer, NCI Special Emphasis Panel, 2014

Board Member, Concerted Services, Inc., 2013-15

Abstract Reviewer, APHA Cancer Forum, 2013-14

Abstract Reviewer, Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting, 2012-16

Scientific Review Committee Member, AACR Science of Cancer Health Disparities, 2011

Grant Reviewer, NIOSH Agricultural Research Centers Special Emphasis Panel, 2011

Member, National Planning Committee, Cancer, Culture, and Literacy Conference, 2010, 2012

Member, Local Planning Committee, Cancer, Culture, and Literacy Conference, 2008

Board Advisor, Caring for Haitian Orphans with AIDS, 2007-present

Ad hoc Reviewer: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, BMC Medical Ethics, BMC Public Health, BMJ Open, Ethnicity and Health, Health Education Research, Health Expectations, Health Promotion Practice, Hispanic Health Care International, Human Organization, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Journal of Adolescent Health, Journal of Agromedicine, Journal of Anthropological Research, Journal of Cancer Education, Journal of Community Genetics, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved,  Maternal and Child Health Journal, Medical Anthropology, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, PLoS One, Papillomavirus, Preventing Chronic Disease, Preventive Medicine, Progress in Community Health Partnerships, Rural and Remote Health, Vaccine, Women and Health, Women’s Health Issues

Professional Memberships

American Anthropological Association

American Association for Cancer Education

American Association for Cancer Research

American Public Health Association

Society for Applied Anthropology